Vattenfilter Cintropur NW32 Trio
Vattenfilter NW32 dubbel partikel samt kol
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Water filter own well NW32 Trio (2xParticle + Carbon)


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This water filter is suitable for you who want to purify your water from dirt and microparticles but also want to improve the water's color, taste and smell (get rid of humus).

We at are professionals at water filters own well for filtration of well water. We are experts in water filters for you with your own dug or drilled well. Here you get the market's most efficient well filter at the lowest price.

Unlike the slightly smaller water filter "SL240 Trio", this water filter is suitable for your own well for you who want to purify all incoming water to the house. I.e. you may not only want to purify the water for your kitchen faucet where you drain your drinking water, but you instead want to purify the entire property's incoming water so you get clean water in all the taps of the whole house. Furthermore, you get a better effect from the activated carbon than in e.g. SL240 and NW25 (Trio-UV) as the water in this water filter gets more and longer contact with the carbon due to. the larger container.

Suitable for municipal water, own well, lake water, purification of rainwater, residential and holiday accommodation .

The first unit is a patented cyclone filter combined with a 100 micron filter cloth that cleans the water from dirt, soil, rust etc. and acts as a pre-filter. Larger particles collect in the bottom of the filter housing and can be easily emptied from there via a bottom valve. Smaller pa articles are captured in the filter cloth (optional density 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 microns). Thanks to the cyclone technology, the filter cloth is rinsed clean and can therefore collect large amounts of particles compared to, for example, cotton cartridges, which means better economy and fewer changes. The cost of a new filter cloth is also significantly lower than for cotton cartridges.

Main benefits of our water filter cloths (filter socks)

  • Premium quality of certified synthetic material for drinking water
  • Double water filtration (centrifugal effect + filter cloth)
  • Low pressure drop
  • High throughput
  • Withstands high pressures
  • Lower maintenance cost than cotton filter
  • Professional, robust and secure system
  • Transparent container makes it easy to see when the filter stocking is full

The second unit is also a cyclone filter, fixed with a 25 micron filter cloth, which catches smaller particles and acts as a fine filter. But even here the filter cloth can be changed to any density between 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 microns.

The third unit is a carbon filter for activated carbon that purifies the water from organic material, also called humus . This improves the taste, smell and color of the water, which gives a clear and fresh drinking water. The carbon is easily replaced when needed.

We provide a highly activated carbon specially developed to purify drinking water. It is extracted in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way from coconut and its pore size makes it very suitable for improving taste and removing odors, chlorine, ozone and micro-pollutants such as pesticides and other organic pollutants.

A common organic pollutant is humus that is formed during the decomposition of plant and animal parts in the fauna. It usually results in a yellow or brown drinking water and may taste or smell bad.

Another problem is the ever-increasing amount of drug residues that are finally reaching our waterways and lakes. Partly because people are careless and flush medicines down the toilet, but mainly because of what ends up in the treatment plants via the urine. Since the treatment plants are not built to take care of this, many substances flow right through.Studies show that activated carbon is the best way to purify water from drug residues, ozone is second best

Do you think your municipal water smells or tastes like chlorine? Chlorine in very small amounts is used as a disinfectant in the production of drinking water. Chlorine removes any infectious agents and can in some cases give the water a faint chlorine taste or odor. Cintropur's specially developed activated carbon has very good properties for relieving chlorine odor and chlorine taste.

Properties and benefits of Cintropur's activated carbon

  • very microporous structure
  • maximum hardness
  • excellent adsorption capacity
  • high level of volume activity
  • rapid dechlorination
  • effective ozone depletion

Technical data

  • Water connections: 2 pcs. external thread 1 1/4 "
  • Average flow through the filters at 0.2 bar water pressure: 500 liters / h
  • Maximum working pressure: 16 bar
  • Max temperature: 50 C
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Maximum length: 690mm
  • Maximum height: 581mm
  • Warranty: 2 years

Included in the delivery

  • Wall brackets
  • Filter puller
  • Pre-assembled filter cloths of 100 resp. 25 microns, 1 in each particle filter
  • 1 extra 5-pack filter cloths of 100 microns for future replacements
  • 1 extra 5-pack filter cloth of 25 microns for future replacements
  • 1st box with 3.4L activated carbon (enough for 2 fillings)
  • 1 drain valve for faster / easier drain of any particulate filter

NOTE: If you also want to supplement this filter with UV light to eliminate bacteria and viruses, buy instead NW32 Trio + UV