About us

We are a dealer for Cintropur water filters ( www.cintropur.com ) with a focus on purifying drinking water from our own well and seawater. It all started with a need of our own as we had problems with high levels of E. coli (coli bacterium) and were looking for a good and affordable UV cleaner with low operating costs. As we also had some discoloration of the water and an unpleasant taste, we searched for a combi filter that also contained activated carbon and then found Trio-UV 25W .

Our keywords are:

  • Sweden's lowest prices (we have a price guarantee on all products)
  • Fast deliveries (we try to have everything we sell in stock)
  • Always free shipping (no extra charges will be added to the item price)
  • Fast and personal service (both via chat, phone and email)

In addition to having your goods sent home, it is also possible to pick up the goods in the summer with us at Dämpluckskobben in the Stockholm archipelago, a small island 3.5 distances NV Sandhamn (see map under "Contact us"). In some cases, we can also arrange boat delivery to Stavsnäs Winter Harbor. Contact us if there is such an interest.

The rest of the year (spring, autumn & winter) it is usually good to pick up goods from us in Växjö on Kvartalsvägen 29. But always contact us before so we can arrange a time to ensure that we are home. Otherwise, choose "free shipping" in our webshop and you usually have the goods with your parcel agent already until the next day.

If you do not find what you are looking for here on our web shop, do not hesitate to contact us as we can deliver everything from Cintropur's range, incl. all spare parts. What we show here on our web shop is just a selection of all the different filter solutions that Cintropur offers. Feel free to check out their different products via this link: Our products range - Cintropur and then contact us for price information on the specific filter solution you are interested in.

PS. If you live on Åland or in Norway, you can buy from us without VAT. This is controlled automatically based on your delivery address and the price is updated to excluding VAT only in the last step at checkout.

Business information

Lönnö Water Purification

Sandhamn Hasselkobben

130 44 Harö

Org no: 810103-2731

VAT: SE810103-273101