Installation & Maintenance

It is easy to install all our water filters and many customers do it themselves, but if you feel the least bit insecure, get help from a professional.

If you want to minimize the maintenance cost, it is recommended that you only filter the water that you mainly use to drain your drinking water, e.g. via your kitchen faucet, so you do not filter water used for showers and other purposes. This is to avoid changing the filter cloth and activated carbon unnecessarily often. But it is of course just as well to filter all the water to your property so that you can take clean drinking water from all the taps in the house. You must only be prepared to change the filter cloth and activated carbon a little more often.

Before and after the filter, ball valves are suggested to be installed so that the water flow through the filter can be switched off when changing the filter cloth or activated carbon. It is easy to drain the filter containers via tap screws in the bottom of resp. containers, e.g. if you turn off the water for the winter to prevent the containers from freezing.

Here you can see a very informative video on how to change the filter cloth, activated carbon, and UV lamp on a Trio-UV system.

For Duo-UV and Trio-UV adapters are included for both 3/4 "and 1" connection (external thread) so you can choose freely. For SL240 filters, these are delivered with internal thread 3/4 ". For NW32 filters, these are delivered with external thread 1 1/4". Wall brackets are included with all filters and most filter containers are usually pre-filled with either filter cloth or activated carbon (does NOT apply to NW32 carbon filters as these filter housings are delivered empty).

When it comes to our filters that contain UV light (against bacteria), you need to have access to a 230 VAC earthed wall socket within a little over a meter away from the filter to be able to connect the plug to the UV lamp.

It is clearly marked with arrows on resp. filter container which way the water should flow through the filters. First through the particle filters then through the activated carbon and finally through the UV lamp (if you have one). This is so that the water will be as clean as possible before any. UV sterilization.

The filter is mounted as a last resort as close to the tapping point as possible, ie after any. pumps and other plumbing accessories.

You can easily build on your filter afterwards with additional filter housings, alt. change to a larger filter housing if you feel the need for it. Thanks to the modular system with Cintropur's unique interconnection adapters, you can assemble all possible combinations of filter housings. This means that if you buy a filter from us and in the future want to expand your filter with additional functions, there are all possibilities for this. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a combination that is not available on our web shop and we will provide a quote on what you are looking for.