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Vattenfilter egen brunn
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Replacement lamp UV 25W / 230VAC


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The UV lamp is from well-known Philips and is of very high quality to ensure a drinking water completely free from bacteria and viruses. Change 1 time. per year or after 9000 hours of operation. This is because the guaranteed effect of the UV burner is limited in the number of hours.

You can easily change it yourself in a few seconds by turning the lamp 5 degrees and then pulling it upwards. The filter does not need to be emptied of water when changing the lamp as it is lowered into a waterproof quartz glass which seals against the water in the filter unit itself. This makes changing the lamp very easy. There is a time indicator on the filter head to keep track of the burning time.

Supplied complete with 230 VAC socket for connection to a grounded socket. New time indicator is included in the delivery.

The UV light produced via the lamp has a much higher radiation intensity than sunlight and is therefore used for water sterilization. It is the most recognized way of removing legionella, microbes, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, in an environmentally friendly way. It is the ideal method for removing microorganisms from the water, making it bacteriologically safe to drink.

Our UV filters are more compact than other UV systems while maintaining a very high flow rate. The integrated flow limiter enables optimal treatment. The UV sterilizers are made of high quality synthetic material and are equipped with a useful time indicator to show the life of the UV radiation.

Note: Remember not to touch the UV lamp with your fingers. The lamp itself only comes on when it is in place in the filter housing to protect your eyes. For the longest possible life of the lamp, it is recommended that you leave it on 7 days a week and preferably all year round (or at least during the summer for those who only use their holiday home part of the year).

Replacing the UV lamp

  1. Unplug the power cord to disconnect the power.
  2. Push in the black clips / latch and turn 5 degrees (see the label on the filter)
  3. Lift the entire old lamp head upwards and hand it in at your recycling center.
  4. Handle the new UV lamp with care and avoid touching the fluorescent lamps yourself with your fingers. If this is done, clean with a cloth dampened in a little T-red.
  5. Assemble the new lamp head with the filter housing. It only fits in one mode.
  6. Rotate 5 degrees according to the label until it says "click".
  7. Connect the power plug and activate the new time indicator.
  8. Enjoy good, cold, glass of bacteria-free water :)
Foto som visar hur man byter UV-lampa Cintropur vattenfilterr