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Quartz glass for water filter


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A Cintropur quartz glass ensures that it is waterproof between the UV lamp and the filter unit .

Should be changed every 5 years as passing water may have left discoloration on the glass and this impairs the effect of the UV treatment. Comes complete with O-rings and grease. It is important not to touch the glass with your fingers during the actual change to keep the glass absolutely clean. It is therefore recommended to use gloves during the change. If you touch the glass, wash it off with T-red.

Fits all our filters that contain a UV lamp, ie. "UV-2100", "Duo-UV 25W" & "Trio-UV 25W".

Thanks to the use of a quartz glass between the UV lamp and the filter unit itself, the replacement of the UV lamp becomes very easy as you do not have to drain the water from the filter container.

Instructions for replacing quartz glass

Put on gloves and loosen the lower part of the filter container with the associated filter puller. Remove the stainless steel protective cover.

  1. Pull out the quartz glass (A) and associated O-rings (C).
  2. Loosen the protective sleeve (E).
  3. Fit the O-rings (G) and lubricate with associated grease. Put the protective sleeve (E) in place in a new quartz tube (D). Then compress the quartz glass (D) with the filter housing.
  4. Finally mount on the stainless steel protective cover.

Foto över instruktion byte av Cintropur kvartsglas