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Filter cloths refill 5-pack NW32

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One package contains 5 filter cloths suitable for our particle filter containers NW32. It is recommended that you change the filter cloth at least twice a year.

Cintropur NW32 filter cloths are available in 6 different densities, from 1µm up to 100µm. You select the desired density under "Options" below. These filter cloths only fit the larger filter containers in the NW32 series . The filter cloth that is pre-installed in our filters usually has a density of 25 µm, but you can freely change to any density.

The patented cyclone design on Cintropur's water filter converts the water flow into a centrifugal effect that precipitates the heavy particles at the bottom of the filter container, while the filter cloth / sock creates the final filtration according to the selected fineness.

Main benefits of our filter cloths (socks)

  • Premium quality of certified synthetic material for drinking water
  • Double filtration (centrifugal effect + filter cloth)
  • Low pressure drop
  • High throughput
  • Withstands high pressures
  • Lower maintenance cost than cotton filter
  • Professional, robust and secure system