We offer water filters for our own well Växjö

Why should you have a water filter your own well or a water filter seawater if you live in Växjö?

In Sweden, roughly 2.4 million residents receive their drinking water from individual drinking water sources, such as their own well or via seawater *. It is the property owner's personal responsibility to ensure that the water maintains a good standard. Do you have an iron grip on your drinking water?
Many well owners only sample the drinking water when they notice changes in taste, smell or color. Therefore, many people have problems with elevated levels of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms without even knowing about it. the number of bacteria in the water. Elevated values ​​may be due to leaking surface water or insufficient water turnover. The presence of excessively high values ​​can mean an increased risk of waterborne infection. Our own water filter can effectively remedy that problem

Coliform bacteria, which are found, sterilize the water from viruses and bacteria. There are today very compact systems that can handle up to 2000 l / hour. If they also have a built-in flow meter, they do not release more water than they have time to disinfect, to always guarantee a reliable good drinking water.

Something that is good to keep in mind is that the water should be clean of dirt and particles before it passes the UV filter, this to get the optimal effect from the UV treatment. It is therefore recommended to have some form of particle filter mounted directly before the UV filter. A popular alternative is a so-called "Combi filter" where you can combine different types of filter containers such as. particulate filter and carbon filter with a UV filter. Then you get several functions in one and the same filter, but it will only be a single installation.

* Source Livsmedelsverket

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